Satin-Hair 7 brush SB 1


IONTEC – Active ion jet

IONTECT – Active ion jet

Active ion jet

The ion jet releases millions of active ions creating a halo around your hair. Active ions work very much like a conditioner. They instantly tame frizz and flying hair for touchable smoothness compared to brushes without active ions.
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Satin-Hair 7 brush highlights

Satin-Hair 7 brush highlights
Removable cushion pad
The extra soft cushion is specially designed for a sensory experience on the scalp and enables gentle brushing without snagging your hair. It’s also removable for easy cleaning.
Seamless bristle technology
The seamless bristles with a super smooth surface enable exceptionally gentle brushing to help prevent damage to the cuticle.
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Automatic switch off
The Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush has an automatic switch off function to prevent it from accidentally being switched on when carried in a bag.

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