Dymo LetraTag LT100T


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LetraTagTM LT 100T

Desktop Personal Label Maker

Organise at home with big-business labelling power.

The DYMO® LetraTagTM LT 100T is compact and easy to use — but offers many advance labelling options.

Features & Benefits

• Type fast on the computer-style keyboard with country specific layout

• Large graphical display enables you to see text effect on your screen

• Prints 5 font sizes, 7 text styles and 8 box styles

• 9 label memory

• Date stamping

• 195 symbols

• Large 13-character display with print preview for editing label before printing

• Navigation buttons for easy access to advanced features

• 1-2 lines printing

• Auto-off Power saver

• Date/Time Function

• Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter

Refill: Uses Dymo LetraTag Tapes 12mm x4m. LetraTagTM Tapes available in paper, plastic, metallic and iron-on.

LetraTagTM Series

Organise your home. Make life easier.

Keep any room, cupboard, cabinet or shelf neat and tidy. Clearly identify clothes, books, tools and any other items you value. Put instructions, notes and reminders away safely for easy reference. Then enjoy the extra time – the peace of mind – that comes with running a tidy and well-organised home.

Take the stress out of cooking. Identify spices and other ingredients with plastic labels that are easy to read, easy to keep clean

Label your electronics with metallic labels great for colour coding

Mark your property as yours with machine-washable, iron-on fabric labels

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