Hot Plate AK 1599E


High-grade stainless steel is absolutely trendy and provides cooking appliances with a very special touch. This superior material is used for our Automatic line, and we have created an outstanding hot plate with it. Excellent technology, beautiful design and perfect convenience in use, united in one appliance – a top-class product “Made in Germany”!

+ single hot plate
+ superior 2-shell stainless steel casing
+ automatic temperature regulation
+ automatic cooking system and overheating protection
+ temperature of cast-iron heating plate is infinitely variable
+ pilot lamp
+ with express heating plate
+ compatible in positioning

+ 230 V 1500 W
+ stainless steel
+ 145 mm Ø
+ power cord (1 m)
+ 24 x 24 x 7.5 cm
+ 2.4 kg

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