Hot Plate AK 2099E


The single hot plate featuring a 180 mm Ø heating plate to accommodate large cooking vessels. The express heating plate with a power of 2000 W provides for a short heating up time and enables you to prepare even larger amounts of food quickly. The models featured in this product line are equal in dimensions and can be perfectly combined as a result, so you can create a double cooker by combining two single hot plates.

+ single hot plate
+ superior 2-shell stainless steel casing
+ automatic temperature regulation
+ automatic cooking system and overheating protection
+ temperature of cast-iron heating plate is infinitely variable
+ pilot lamp
+ with express heating plate
+ compatible in positioning

+ 230 V 2000 W
+ stainless steel
+ 180 mm Ø
+ power cord (1 m)
+ 24 x 24 x 7.5 cm
+ 2.9 kg

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