Hot Plate CT 2200E


The absolute highlight – featuring perfect design, the most superior materials and the latest technology. This cooking plate is really unique! Cook on superior glass ceramic, choose between a 140 mm Ø or a 210 mm Ø heating zone, according to your requirements, control the energy supply infinitely from 1 to 12 and enjoy the most beautiful cooking plate of all in the process.
A first-class product “Made in Germany”.

+ glass ceramic cooking surface
+ casing made of brushed stainless steel
+ HiLight heating element
+ two-circuit heating technology
+ extra large heating zone can therefore be switched on in addition
+ infinitely adjustable energy regulator
+ pilot lamp and residual heat indicator 

+ 230 V 2200 W
+ stainless steel
+ 140 mm Ø 1000 W
   210 mm Ø 2200 W
+ power cord (1 m)
+ 30.5 x 41 x 7.5 cm
+ 2.9 kg

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