Hot Plate CT 3403TC


The future has begun. Rommelsbacher is now presenting even the double cooking plate with a glass ceramic hob in a beautiful, elegant stainless steel casing with an electronic Touch Control regulation. A free-standing cooking plate attracting everyone’s attention. Ideal as an accessory appliance in addition to the conventional stove, perfect for small kitchens, in offices and apartments and extremely popular in the catering field for buffets and cook shows. Its technical features meet all requirements: the regulation of the HiLight heating zones is infinitely variable and energy-saving by Touch Control. The two-circuit solution allows for an extra large 210 mm Ø heating zone to be set in addition, perfectly suited for large cooking vessels. Two pilot lamps and two residual-heat indicators go without saying. Overheating protection and automatic cooking system provide for perfect safety and highest convenience.

+ electronic regulation by Touch Control
+ sensors to chose the function
+ easy-care Ceran® cooking surface
+ stainless steel casing in Softline design
+ HiLight heating elements
+ two-circuit heating technology
+ allows for extra-large heating zone to be set in addition
+ automatic cooking system, overheating protection
+ pilot lamps and residual-heat indicators

+ 230 V 3400 W
+ stainless steel
+ 145 mm Ø 1200 W
140/210 mm Ø 2200 W
+ power cord (1 m)
+ 55 x 31 x 6.5 cm
+ 3.9 kg

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