Ingenuity Large Lacquer Black Chrome Trim Pen


The new writing system from PARKER is not only a technological breakthrough, it is also a must-have example of contemporary accessory design. The Parker Ingenuity Collection has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5TH Technology; this collection of unparalleled style and elegance makes this writing system the ultimate accessory for today

Finish: Deep black glossy lacquer elegantly engraved on its grip with the emblematic cisel pattern.

Trim: Nickel-palladium plated trims

Mechanism: Cap on/Cap off.

Tip: Parker 5THTM Technology: a flexible tip which interacts with the metal hood, and is finely engraved with the emblematic Parker arrow, to provide an exceptionally smooth and fluid writing experience, with an intense and sharp rendering. Adjusts intuitively to the user’s style of writing, in just a few words. A highly innovative technology that ensures a clean and simple refill process.


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