Carène Contemporary White ST Fountain Pen


Carène rides the crest of the innovation wave. Taking inspiration from luxury boat design, the result is our most distinguished example of pioneering vision. Crafted in noble materials, with an artist’s attention to detail, its pure fluid curves conjure up the sleekest lines of a leisure cruiser, or the billowing sails of a luxury yacht. Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.

Writing Modes: Fountain pen

Finish: Offset by a decorative gunmetal PVD cap, a sophisticated white lacquer barrel creates irresistible contrast whilst contemporary lines and sleek curves evoke an assuredly elegant silhouette

Trim: Palladium finish

Mechanism: Capped

Product Strengths:

  • Assertive design with marine inspired lines: Sleek, rounded, curved lines
  • Inset nib in 18K Solid Gold rhodium plated 
  • Distinctive bevelled barrel button inlaid with a black lacquer bead
  • Modernity of the Contemporary versions: geometric chiselling on PVD finish featuring “titanium” tints
  • Articulated curved clip


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