Edson Diamond Black Platimum Plated Fountain Pen


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Edson is considered by many to be the pinnacle of pen design. Novelist Douglas Kennedy calls it “the writer’s Ferrari”. Immortalizing the name of our founder, Lewis Edson Waterman, the Edson has also gained iconic status through its enviable reliability. Even at altitude, the ink flow is perfectly regulated. Definitely for great thinkers and high flyers.

Writing Mode: Fountain

Nib: Infinite reliability and a unique inlaid form transforms this remarkable rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib into a miracle of design and technology.

Finish: The contemporary prestige of intense, transparent metallic black Precious Resin and rare platinum unite in a stunning arrangement of aesthetic sophistication.

Trim: Platinum covered

Mechanism: Capped

Product Strengths:

  • Futuristic and bold design: streamline and generous cigar-shaped design
  • Transulcent precious resin body
  • Intense and deep blue colour
  • innovative ink regulation system
  • articulated open clip
  • A technical and technological perfection: an extremely complex pen made of 31 spare parts to eliminate any risk of leakage, even at 6,500 feet (2,000m).



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