Our service centre operates from Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm (except for Public Holidays & Weekends).

Who We Are

In 1989, Beste (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated as a sole distributor for Braun Personal Care and Appliances.

Along the way, more International electrical and stationery brands such as Parker, Waterman, Sharpie, Kuvings, Severin and more were added to our portfolio.

Our products are imported directly from its country of origin and are then redistributed to retail outlets in Singapore. There is no involvement in alteration or modification of our products.

To date, our extensive distribution has stretched far and wide in Singapore with more than 100 major retailers carrying our known products.

Our dynamic team continuously provides excellent service to ensure happy and satisfied customers with utmost dedication...

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Additional Services


EngravingMarking Technique : Standard Engraving or Laser Engraving

Personalised your pen. A sharp diamond or carbide cutter leaves a fine scratched/engraved mark on the surface of the pen.




 Standard Items: Wrappers, Ribbons and Stickers (subject to availability) 

We provide simple gift wrapping services at a small fee. You can select from our current range of wrappers or provide your own corporate gift wrappers.



Marking Technique : Embossing

A noticeable but yet classy way to personalise a notebook or your organiser with the process of creating a recessed image using heat pressing technique on PU or leather material.


SilkscreenMarking Technique : Screen Printing

From single colour to complex multi-colour customised designs, screen printing offers printing in solid, bold and clear lines.


Service CrownMarking Technique : Crown Emblem 

It allows you to convey your message on the crown of selected models of pens like the Waterman Hemisphere and Parker Vector.

Our Brands

We distribute our internationally renowned brands to more than 120 major retailers in Singapore.

Our brands of consumer and lifestyle products are found and used by most households and individuals in Singapore.  See brands.

Featured Brands