Severin SM 3735 Smoothie Mix & Go

Severin SM 3735 Smoothie Mix & Go

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- Blender and drink bootle - all in one
- 2 detachable and dishwasher-safe drink bootles made of Tritan
- Easy to clean
- Ideal for taking it to work, to the gym or when travelling
- Stainless steel blade


Mix it, take it with you and enjoy it anywhere The Smoothie Mix & Go by SEVERIN provides a mobile vitamin supply Often in our everyday lives there are not enough opportunities and practical solutions for getting our daily required "serving of health". SEVERIN has developed a clever mixer, the Smoothie Mix & Go, for getting our daily vitamin supply "to go", so it's easy, tasty and saves time. The highlight of this smoothie maker by SEVERIN is its beverage container, in which you both make the drink and take it with you. To do so, after the mixing process, simply remove the mixing container from the base, take out the insert with the stainless steel blade and replace it with the beverage lid. And your "smoothie to go" is ready. With the mobile beverage container, you can drink beverages you made yourself at home or easily take them with you - for example, on the way to work, school or your workout. The sealed lid guarantees that you can transport your vitamin drink with no problems. With a capacity of about 600 ml, the Smoothie Mix & Go makes beverages full of vitamins and it fits in any backpack, school bag or briefcase or in gym bags and large purses. Practical form and function In contrast to pressed fruit juices, in a smoothie the entire fruit, except for its skin and seeds, is processed. The basis of the beverage is the fruit pulp or fruit puree, which is often mixed with liquid. The slim shape of the mixing and beverage container of this smoothie maker by SEVERIN allows beverages to be prepared without additional liquid such as fruit juice or water. At one speed setting with a power rating of 300 watts, the stainless steel blade effortlessly mixes the fruits into a smoothie, so those who wish can enjoy pure vitamins. The two beverage containers included with delivery - for enjoying your vitamins with someone else or as an extra container - are made of high quality Tritan and do not contain bisphenol A. The containers are very robust, lightweight and dishwasher safe and do not add taste or odour to the beverages. In total, the Smoothie Mix & Go offers a practical, quick solution for enjoying healthy vitamins.
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